Back to Basics of Diabetes: Nutrition Supplements

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Nora Saul is a Certified Diabetes Educator and Manager of Nutritional Services at the Joslin Diabetes Center

What nutrition supplements should I take?

At present there isn’t enough data to recommend that people with diabetes as a group take any particular supplements.

Although the data regarding the efficacy of foods such as cinnamon and vinegar is equivocal, these food products are essentially safe to add to your diet. (Keep in mind, though, that cinnamon in high dose supplement form may have some hazards.)

Many people with diabetes may be deficient in vitamin D; however, it is best to discuss the pros and cons of starting a supplement (and how much you should take) with your health care provider, before adding anything to your daily routine.

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  1. Palesa says:

    I always feel sick. Headaches, fatigue and hunger! Is it because of the condition or the treatment? I really don’t have a life anymore!

    Please help?


  2. Axis Labs says:

    Definatily we should not fall for supplements blindly. If someoone is having any health issues like Diabetes he or she should discuss the pros and cons of starting any supplement with his or her doctor. Great read for me. Regards….!!

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