Back to Basics of Diabetes: Is Breakfast Necessary?

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Nora Saul is a Certified Diabetes Educator and Manager of Nutritional Services at the Joslin Diabetes Center

Great minds think alike—which means that people who are new to diabetes and the world of self management tend to come up with the same questions.

So for those of you a bit too shy to inquire directly, here’s what your fellows are curious about.

Every Monday, we will be posting a common diabetes-care question along with the answers I give patients. If there is a question you are dying to know the answer to, let us know.

Do I need to eat three meals a day?  I never eat breakfast.

The short answer is it depends.

It is certainly preferable to eat at least three meals since this will help you spread out the carbohydrate in your diet, ensuring that you are not eating too great a quantity at one time.

Whether it is essential is based on the type of medication you take. Some medications such as the sulfonyureas cause your pancreas to secret insulin throughout the day whether there is glucose for the insulin to metabolize or not. If you skip meals, you may have a low blood glucose reaction. For this type of medication it is important to eat on a schedule.

Some insulin regimens require more rigidity in meal scheduling than others.  This is a good topic to discuss with your health care provider when choosing medications.

6 Responses to Back to Basics of Diabetes: Is Breakfast Necessary?

  1. Laura Smith says:

    Good Morning, Is the NCBDE the ONLY certification board to obtain a Certified Diabetes Educator cert…? I am a Paramedic and Diabetes calls are by far our MOST COMMON call!! I would love to “offically” educate my patients and/or work in the hospital setting, but this is the only organization i have found :-/

    Thank you, Laura

  2. Elizabeth Cline says:

    I don’t know how much insulin to take for the amount of carbs I eat.
    I have had many hypoglycemic issues lately and have no symptoms.

    Please advise, if possible.



  4. sudip gurung says:

    I use medicine but it doesn’t remain constant.

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