Insulin Pumps to Get a Make-Over in 2012

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A new wave of insulin pumps are slated to be released this year, including some new wireless models (similar to the Omnipod, pictured above)

2012 may prove to be a bonanza year for pumpers. Pumps are being made slimmer, trimmer and cordless. Roche, Cellnovo, Asante Solutions and Tandem all are expected to launch products this year.

A few companies are trying to join Insulet’s Omnipod patch pump in the tubes-free game. Two new entrees to the patch fray are the Solo by Roche and the Cellnovo by Cellnovo.

The Solo has four parts: a micro pump, an insulin reservoir, a remote, and an insertion set called a cradle, which holds the micro pump and the insulin reservoir.  The reservoir is transparent which allows you to check site problems and insulin levels with ease.

The micro pump is small, measuring 2.4 x 1.5 x .05 inches and is detachable from the cradle. The brains of the pump, it holds all your important information such as basal rates and bolus factors. Unlike the Omnipod pump, the Solo is designed for a 90 day life span.    The Solo has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) but no launch has been announced.

Cellnovo by Cellnovo is another patch pump looking to capture the market with its micro size and tracking devices. Developed by a merger of medical device and communications gurus, it advertises to revolutionize data collection and reporting for pumpers.

For example, the pump handset communicates directly with the company website for easy transfer of data, no cords or cabled involved.  No word yet on when this pump will be available for sale, though.

Back in the wired world, Asante Solutions has received FDA 510K clearance for their Pearl pump, which features the use of pre-filled 300 unit insulin cartridges which can be used for up to seven days. Using the pre-filled cartridges reduces the time and effort required to change insertion sets. Asante is also supposedly introducing a pay as you go program to lower startup costs.

And then there is Tandem Diabetes Care’s t:slim, with upgrades to traditional pumps’ controls, design, and user interface.  It’s up to 25 percent thinner than some competitors in the pump market. A color touchscreen and graphical user interface replaces the push buttons on previous generations of pumps. And their engineering team has come up with a way to deliver even smaller amounts of insulin per time.

Neither of these products has an official release date yet.

With all the innovations coming out of the pump market, it will be easier than ever before to customize your care to fit your lifestyle.

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  1. This insulin pump looks great, it’s nice to see that progress is made in this field.

  2. Arlene Danielsen says:

    Regarding your blog about insulin pumps to get make-over in 2012, is it possible to print out this information??? I am not very tech saavy and I have tried many times but have not been able to. What am I doing wrong??? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Arlene,

      At the end of the post, there is a row of five buttons (one is a Facebook icon, one is Twitter icon, etc). There is a little icon that looks like a printer on a grey background (it should be the first of the five). If you click that, it should open up the option to print on your computer. Make sure an active printer is selected, and click “OK”! I hope that helps! If not, it might be something to do with your printer’s connection to your computer.

  3. I have started a Petition to have Medicarfe cove the Omni Pod. I’ve metioned this a number of times. I would like to post it on this Blog! The US Congress assigned the Code Numbers: Pod A 9274 and PDME 0784 that make these pum ps disposable items. My petition is to have the Code Numbers changed so that they will be considered Durable,Medicare is not allowed to cover the Omni Pod because it is “DISPOSABLE!” If people would go to my Facebook page:Jean Devlin Haight. Sign the petition,there is a red box on the left hand side click on it and fill it out. If we don’t deal with this those of us on Medicare or about to be on Medicare will not benefit from the advantages of these pumps!

  4. According to a 2007 study by Harvard approximately 60% of all bankruptcies are at least in part attributable to medical debt (American Journal of Medicine with approximately 40% of cases in which medical bills were the main cause of bankruptcy being filed.

    The ensuing debate threw these figures in to question but the main point remains that any innovation in medicine should aim to reduce costs as well as solve the problem at hand. I hope that this insulin pump takes a step in both directions. The jury is out!

  5. Mary Jo Ross says:

    I have used the pump for over seven years and I find it astonishing that our government lags behind the premier health providers in realizing the life saving effects of the insulin pump. I would not be as healty or active as I am and I was headed down the road to severe health issues.
    Already, I’ve lost two family members in their prime of life due to diabetes related complications. They were not afforded the pump.
    Instead, they were subjected to amputations and kidney dialysis.

  6. Mary Jo Ross says:

    It is unacceptable that the lives of those suffering with Diabetes are more expendable than the money it would take to make them healithier. Currently, I have a sister in law who’s under managed diabeties is so out of control, the normal healing of a broken bone can’t happen. She’s suffered for over three years with no remedy in sight. She’s literally been swept under the blanket of patch work medical care because she’s not fortunate enough to have the right insurance coverage.

    • Sarah says:

      Sorry to hear about your sister in law, but, it’s no one’s responsibility to ‘manage’ diabetes other then the person who has it. if she is a type 1, she knows how critical (life or death) it is to manage her insulin and blood sugars. maybe the pod isn’t covered, but a type 1 can always get insulin – syringes and do MDI’s. A pump isn’t a magical cure, many type 1’s manage their disease using injections and have for years.

      • Susan says:

        Thank you for saying what needs to be said. The pump isn’t a cure and if one has a disease such as diabetes, like I have for over 30 years, one can not expect a government to be responsible for them. I hear complaints about the US healthcare system and I laugh, for I have been in countries that have universal healthcare. People with diabetes are not treated better there and they know it. It is unfortunate that people always think the other way is better. I, fortunately, know better. I do not think the US healthcare system is the best, but I have yet to see better and I sure as heck don’t want people who can’t seem to find the time to make a budget, running my healthcare.

  7. Donna From Dexter says:

    I too will be on Medicare next year and use the OmniPod. I wrote our President and Sentators from the State of Michigan and only received a form letter from Sentor Levin. I agree that diabetic care has been overlooked for years by insurance companites, especially BCN in Michigan. Yet BC/BS does pay for the Omnipod, but I had to go to a denial hearing to receive my pump. I would like to know why all of the diabetic supplies are so expensive…..doesn’t anyone care?

  8. Gilda Harris says:

    Tandem’s t:slim has been released. Early orders are to begin shipping early August.


  9. Sylvia Lawton says:

    It took 4 years of filing papers over and over again until I finally got my minimed even though I had coronary artery disease and had to have a quadruple bypass and had been a diabetic for many years. Because I was a type 2 my disease was not considered incurable nor was a pump considered necessary. I had Medicare and BC/BS but if medicare refuses so does the secondary. I have been trying for a CGM but have had no luck, once again because of Medicare’s antidiluvian frames of reference for Type 2 diabetes. I can no longer anticipate extreme lows and highs which over time has taken its toll on my overall health. Letters to politicians are a waste of time and so is using ADA advocates. I have used all available resources for getting the government to help all of us but it certainly hasn’t worked. Wait until one of them is stuck in this situation.

  10. D Luckey says:

    I thought that your pump and supplies were considered as durable medical supplies and were covered mostly by your insurance, This new obamacare plan is knocking us all out of the water. We can not afford to be sick or have any disease or we can not afford to be well. We must get a new health plan into service.

  11. Frank says:

    So that I could sign the petition I searched but did not find a facebook page for Jean Devlin Haight.

  12. Elle says:

    My insurance would not pay for my CGM, stating it was “experimental” so my sister bought it for me. I changed insurance companies because my rate was raised to an amount that was outrageous. I thought the new company would, but could not get them to cover my CGM sensors, even after providing 106 pages of CGM results that clearly showed life saving alarm situations!

    I wrote my insurance Broker, pleading with him to contact the insurance company’s Death Squad. He called them and faxed my letter to them, and after all those months of paying for them myself, they finally agreed to cover.
    I don’t mind paying a reasonable amount for coverage, but the Insurance Co. over charging and undercovering, and all their waste outrages me. All the excess papers and magazines they send, “free programs ” they want me to join, calls they make to me, new buildings they build… just anger me. We are made to tighten our belts or do without to pay for their wastefulness… It angers me that the Insurance Co. is allowed to call the shots. It appears they have no reason to stop their wasteful ways.

  13. Kat says:

    with all the chemicals used in foods today the government should be paying for our medical needs 100%. before the use of all the chemicals people rarely heard of diabetes or cancer and with the younger children getting this also shows that medications are not any better than our foods.
    something needs to be done and we also need some government people to take pay cuts so the middle class gets a break on taxes.
    when will we get a president that take the position for free like kennedy did?
    the rich get richer and the rest of us suffer, things need to change.

  14. Please CONTACT YOUR Representatives in the US Congress and let them know that the Code Numbers that they have assigned to the Omni Pod Insulin Pump make it a disposable item!
    The CODE NUMBERS that they have assigned are:PodA:9274 & PDME:0784 make the Omni Pod a disposable that cannot be covered by Medicare! The Code Numbers and the WORDING MUST BE CHANGED TO MAKE THE OMNI POD A DURABLE ITEM! Once this happens it will be covered by Medicare and allow so many of us continue using it until a cure can be found and that we should not have to be punished because they are:REFUSING TO ALLOW US TO MAINTAIN EXCELLENT BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL THAT ASSISTS US IN PREVENTING COMPLICATIONS SUCH AS: BLINDNESS:KIDNEY FAILURE:KIDNEY DIALYSIS: KIDNEY TRANSPLANTS:GANGRENE all of which can be prevented by allowing the Omni Pod Insulin Pump to be covered by Medicare!
    The members of the US CONGRESS are the ones responsible for us being allowed to continue using the Omni Pod Insulin Pump! It’s simple”CHANGE THE WORDING THAT DESCRIBES THE FUNCTIONS and the PREVENTION OF COMPLICATIONS of the Omni Pod Insulin Pump! It will help reduce the outlandish cost of not using the Omni Pod, and prevent all sorts of issues for future generations! Contact the members of the US Senate,The US Congress in particular republicans and tea party members! Drop a line to President Obama, Healthcare is a special interest to him and he has responded to a letter that I wrote to him a number of months ago and mentioned how important this is to Him!

  15. James Bill says:

    Dear Ms. Haight,

    I’m afraid your request to have the Omnipod system code numbers changed will probably not happen until the Insulet Corp gets off its duffs and petitions Congress themselves. It seems that your request has fallen upon deaf ears! For you see its Insulet’s fault when THEY themselves originally coded these devices to insurance companies and Medicare and did so erroneously. If Insulet had stronger lobbyists in Congress then these devices would be covered items, but Insulet Corp is NEVER going to move on this as long as suckers like us keep buying these Pods from them. For you see Insulet Corp doesn’t care as long as someone is paying them for these Pods whether it be you, me, insurance companies, or Medicare as long as they continue to make a profit from these devices. My wife a diabetic for over 60 years and myself personally can not wait until the pump manufacturers that compete with Insulet design a pump and place it on the market. Then we will tell Insulet to go pound salt because they simply DO NOT CARE about those of us in the Medicare Community of users period. If Insulet did care then they would have done something by now after some five years of knowing about this coding issue. FYI; we have appealed this to the 4th level of appeals with the Medicare Advisory Council (MAC level) only to receive NADA not even a reply after 90 days. Also, FYI, this same MAC council OVERRULED an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who said the Pods should be SUPPLIES and NOT Non-Durable Equipment. This ruling occurred on 5/11/15 so we expect the SAME RULING to our appeal. Its a DAM shame that someone who paid into Medicare for over 40 years of their working lives are denied by the Morons who work for Medicare when they need Medicare the most!. Were you aware that Medicare will pay for a Penis Pump, but not the Omnipod insulin pump system! So if you want to fault someone fault the manufacturer – Insulet because as I stated previously THEY DON’T CARE as long as suckers like us keep paying them for these PODS.

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