Back to Basics of Diabetes: Are Insulin Shots Avoidable?

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Nora Saul is a Certified Diabetes Educator and Manager of Nutritional Services at the Joslin Diabetes Center

Great minds think alike—which means that people who are new to diabetes and the world of self management tend to come up with the same questions.

So for those of you a bit too shy to inquire directly, here’s what your fellows are curious about.

Every Monday, we will be posting a common diabetes-care question along with the answers I give patients. If there is a question you are dying to know the answer to, let us know.

How do I avoid taking insulin?

It may not be possible to avoid taking insulin, and that shouldn’t be your goal. Diabetes is a progressive disease. The longer you have it, the more likely your beta cells (insulin producing cells in the pancreas) will wear out and you will need to take insulin by injection.

This can happen despite taking excellent care of yourself. It is the nature of the disease. Insulin isn’t a death sentence.; it is a savior. It will control your blood glucose to help prevent both acute complications (hyperglycemia) and long-term complications. And insulin injections are virtually painless.

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  1. I have started a Petition for Medicare to cover the Omni Pod. It’s posted on my wall on Facebook “Jean Devlin Haight” there are a lot of us out there interested in the Omni Pod itwill be good to have more of these pumps if the Congress doesn’t give the Code Numbers to make it disposable! Then we won’t have a prayer on God’s Green Earth!!

  2. John Michael says:

    My mother is diagnosed with diabetes. She’s now in the hospital.. Doctor said she need to have 10 injections of Insulin, without having the 10 injections done, they suggested to my aunties (my mothers sisters) to let my mother have injections of insulins for a month.. is this possible, even without finishing the 10 injections, as what they have prescribed to my mother? When and how long does an insulin needs to be injected on our body.. like, how high is the blood sugar where we need to take insulin? please I need an answer.. I’m not home and I can’t ask her doctors more about it.. How true once that you have injected insulin, you become more independent on it? Hope to hear from you and explain more about it.. Thank You..

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