Take the Joslin CarbChallenge | Interactive game teaches carb counting

The CarbChallenge is a fun way to learn carb counting skills.
Have fun and improve your carb counting skills.

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The Joslin CarbChallenge is an online, interactive activity that gives people with diabetes the opportunity to test their knowledge of the carbohydrate content in a variety of foods.

Players are shown 10 food items in succession, and must evaluate the level of carbohydrates in each selection.

According to Catherine Weinger, Ph.D., the director of Joslin’s Center for Innovation in Diabetes Education, the program was developed over the course of a year with patients using food models.  “We found that many patients with diabetes, particularly those with type 2 diabetes, did not have a solid grasp of which individual foods had a high or low carb content.”

The Joslin CarbChallenge was developed to address that problem, as an interactive game to give patients a fun way to learn the carb counting skills.

The game that was first tested by patients and family members in the Gross Foundation Patient Learning Center in the Joslin Clinic. It is now available to anyone on the Internet.

Players are given a summary of their results, and they receive ‘teaching tips’ for each of the 10 foods items in each round of the game.

“It’s a great way for patients to test how much they know about the food they are eating. We recommend that anyone who takes the CarbChallenge take the time to look at their score and the teaching tips; it’s a great way to receive some basic education on carbohydrates,” says Weinger.

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  1. It would probably be a good idea to add a prominent link to the game within the article. The most prominent place to click only links to the .jpg right now…

  2. This carb challenge is open to a lot of interpretation and guess work.

    Instead of showing a photo of a food on a plate without its name, quantity or description, why not identify the food & quantity.

    What’s the point of showing artificially sweetened drinks that have no nutritional value whatsoever?

    Aren’t diabetics trained to be more responsible in their food choices than automatically reacting to a visual stimulus. After all, we shouldn’t be treated like Pavlovian dogs.

  3. I tried to get on to take the online classes however it won’t let me on to do so. I believe I am a member because I get your emails all the time……thanks……..

  4. After working through the problems with trying to figure out how to access the game, it was great, for those that are learning. The picture of the spanish rice wasn’t as clear as I thought it could be, I wasn’t sure what food it was. I learned that there isn’t much carb in the citrus fruits….thanks

    Now you should work on the fast foods that most people are eating while they are outside of the home!

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