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Halloween | Ideas for Managing When Your Child Has Diabetes

Halloween can be a superb holiday. It has spectral history and creative aplomb (think of all of those costumes and decorated lawns). It has a soupçon of fear and creepiness (what’s inside that old house on the corner with the peeling … Continue reading

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Joslin collaborates on award-winning diabetes Facebook game

HealthSeeker TM:  Simple Steps, Healthier Together wins MM&M Silver Award If you haven’t done so already, check out HealthSeeker, a social media game on Facebook for people with diabetes that recently won the 2011 Medical Marketing and Media Silver Award. … Continue reading

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Does fiber impact blood glucose?

Fiber is a type of carbohydrate (just like sugars and starches) but since it is not broken down by the human body, it does not contribute any calories. Yet, on a food label, fiber is listed under total carbohydrate. So … Continue reading

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If you have diabetes, do you need a flu shot?

I hope you’re aware that seasonal flu can be fatal. And if you’ve ever had the flu, you know you don’t want it again.  So, here are some troubling statistics from the Centers for Disease Control: People with diabetes are … Continue reading

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Got milk? Or should you switch to water and bok choy?

How do  you decide? On the one hand, the National Dairy Council and the recent USDA’s MyPlate hawk the benefits of milk, and there is a body of research available to back some of their claims. On the other hand, … Continue reading

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Blood Glucose Meters | How do you choose the right one?

There are a lot of meters on the market, and in general they are all fairly good at getting the job done. For a majority of people it probably doesn’t much matter which meter they use, but you may have … Continue reading

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