50-Year Medalist Study | looking for type 1 diabetes answers

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The Joslin 50-Year Medalist Study has involved a large group of patients who have been insulin dependent for 50 years or longer.

Some of the more surprising preliminary results suggest that a majority of Medalists may still be producing insulin. Studies on individuals with extreme duration of type 1 diabetes are rare, but they can be uniquely useful in identifying protective factors against the development of complications and for the preservation of endogenous insulin-producing β cells.

Click here for more information on Joslin’s 50-Year Medalist Study.

10 Responses to 50-Year Medalist Study | looking for type 1 diabetes answers

  1. Staci Rullo says:

    Interesting study. I have been insulin dependent since 3.5 years of age. I will be 54 in September. Can I help?

  2. Hi, Staci,

    50 years with diabetes is a real achievement. Go to this page and contact the medalist staff to find out how you can participate in the program:


  3. Annette Richardson Bienkowski says:


  4. Peggy Brown says:

    May son has type 1 Diabetes. The diagnosis of type 1 Diabetes was somewhat iffy at the time. After his diagnosis we did a lot of blood work and discovered that he has several bacterial infections, viruses and heavy metals. Do you know of an endo cranologist that would assist us by listening to our son’s story and help us form a treatment plan. Antibiotics have definantly helped his blood sugar levels but need to have a Dr. that understands Diabetes.
    I know this is not what you are interested in but it is very hard to find an endo. that thinks” outside of the Box” .
    Thank you for your time. PB

  5. Richard Siemens says:

    I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, when I was 5 years old That would have been late 1958 or early 1959. I was on insulin every day of my life until receiving an SPK on Dec. 22, 2009. I have been off insulin ever since. So, I was a diabetic for over 50 years. My mother is in a home with dementia, so I don’t even know the hospital I was admitted to. Always wanted that medal, but I’m not writing about that. I just wanted to offer anything I can towards researching this mysterious disease. I was adopted a few days after I was born, found my birth mother 2 years ago. No diabetes on her side of the family. Something I was always intrigued by was the fact that I was given formula and, as the story goes, had an allergic reaction, so I was given cow’s milk. I remember hearing about research into enzymes, in cow milk and Type 1 Diabetes.


    • Bethany Lynn says:

      I liked your comments. My wife Bethany is 57 years old and has type 1 diabetes since she was ten months old. A long journey like yourself. Tell us more about your SPK solution.
      Tom and Bethany

  6. Jean Rogers says:

    I have had Diabetic for 50 years and I would like to know more informantion and be part of your 50 year study
    Than You
    Jean Rogers

  7. Gerald Hansen, DMA says:

    Born in 1937, I was diagnosed with “childhood” diabetes in 1958 and initially treated by Dr. H. D. Smith, a family doctor in Salida CO, my first endocrine treatment was with Dr. Izzo in the Rochester, NY region. My next semi permanent endocrinologist was Dr. Philip Mika in Rochester after two years living in Denmark as a Fulbright Scholar in music. Since moving to Cookeville TN, I have been treated by Dr. Joseph Tokaruk, endocrinologist.
    Since I have been taking insulin for 61 years, I believe I may qualify for a 50-year award.

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