Diabetes Foot Care: Picking the Right Shoes

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People with diabetes are prone to a number of problems with their feet, stemming from circulatory and nervous system complications which can contribute to pain and foot deformities

By paying close, regular attention to your feet, you can prevent many of these serious problems.

Make it a priority in your health regimen to love your feet and treat them well.

This includes selecting proper footwear to keep your feet on their toes:

•     Break in new shoes before wearing them for long periods of time, advises John Giurini, DPM, chief of the Division of Podiatry at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

•     Wear them for one to two hours and then check your feet for any cuts or blisters, he adds. The next day, wear them for three to four hours, and so on each subsequent day, until they feel comfortable.

•     Have your feet measured periodically because feet can change in size over time.
Shop later in the day because feet can swell throughout the day—especially when you have heart disease and/or kidney problems.

•     Wear socks that match your shoe size. That way, the socks and shoes will fit properly.

•     The distance between your longest toe and the tip of your shoe should be one-half your thumb’s width, so you have the right amount of space to fit your feet.

•     Shoes should be made of soft leather so they can stretch and have a cushioned sole for better shock absorption.

•     The back of a shoe should not collapse to one side or the other because it won’t provide good support.

•     Choose laced shoes instead of loafers, so they fit better and provide more support.

•     People with specific foot deformities should buy shoes that match the width of their feet and, when necessary, provide extra depth.

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    That right! I have been having a lot of pain in my feet and I think it is because of the shoe that I wear. I have seen people not take much care of their feet. I personally think that we should take good Foot care if we want our feet to look good and last longer.

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