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Thyroid and Diabetes

If you have type 1 diabetes, there is a good chance you may also be at risk for another autoimmune disease.  Approximately one-third of type 1 patients have markers for another autoimmune disease at diagnosis. One of these diseases is … Continue reading

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Understanding How People Understand Diabetes Self-management

Right now we have a one-size-fits-all approach to diabetes education,” says Katie Weinger, Ed.D., R.N. “But instead of trying to adapt people to our treatments, including education, we want to adapt our approaches to people and their particular strengths and … Continue reading

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Choosing A “Diabetes” Cookbook | Advice For The Culinary Challenged Who Want Healthy Recipes

By Nora Saul M.S, R.D., L.D.N., C.D.E. Manager of Nutritional Education at the Joslin Diabetes Center Patients ask me all the time, “Can you recommend a good cookbook?” and I smile at their incredulous looks when I give them some … Continue reading

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Cooking Diabetes-Friendly Meals with Oil

Sometimes, a diabetes diagnosis mandates a change in eating habits. Cooking can be a challenge when certain methods such as frying are considered off-limits. While too much oil isn’t good for anyone – fat it is high in calories – … Continue reading

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Diet Therapy for Stent Placement

By Nora Saul Today’s column focuses on a question from one of our readers who asks about diet therapy for stent placement. Stents, which are wire-mesh tubes, are placed in arteries during angioplasty procedures to help maintain the integrity and … Continue reading

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Tracking the Spectrum of Insulin Resistance in Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes begins with insulin resistance, but how does that condition progress to the fullblown disease? The Joslin cohort study, run by Mary-Elizabeth Patti, M.D., and Allison Goldfine, M.D., addresses this question by looking at volunteers along the spectrum … Continue reading

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Why WAIT Graduates Walk for Hunger

Among the thousands of people in Boston’s Walk for Hunger on May 1, you’ll find a team of graduates from Joslin’s Why WAIT program, our 12-week program for weight control and intensive diabetes management.  (Why WAIT is one of two … Continue reading

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Exercises That Are Easy On Your Feet

Many health benefits come with exercise. But not every type of exercise is suitable for those living with diabetes. Exercise can actually exacerbate some health problems associated with diabetes, especially those involving the feet. Diabetes can cause nerve damage in the … Continue reading

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Progress toward better diabetes treatments—and cures

With the biggest group of diabetes researchers under one roof in the world, Joslin carries out an extremely broad set of research into all types of diabetes. At any given time, forinstance, about 150 clinical studies are underway here, and … Continue reading

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Spring Into An Exercise Routine

With spring in full bloom and the mountains of snow behind us, it’s the perfect time to pull those running shoes out from the back of your closet. Getting back into the swing of exercise can be tricky — especially … Continue reading

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