How To Get Started On Your Diabetes Treatment Plan

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If you’ve recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you may be feeling overwhelmed. There’s a lot to take in, pay attention to and learn. The first and most important step to take is to develop a diabetes-treatment plan. Your plan should serve as a guide, listing things to keep in mind as you live your life with diabetes.

Be your own advocate. Being able to ask for the service you need, is one of the most important aspect of getting the right medical care. Find an insurer that supports preventive measures so that you don’t have to worry about long-term complications. Preventive measures can include diabetes- education sessions with a certified diabetes educator, meeting with a dietitian, and scheduling a session with an exercise physiologist in order to get advice on meeting fitness goals.

All of these, plus a lot more diabetes care services, are available in the clinic at the Joslin Diabetes Center.

If you don’t have access to a clinic with comprehensive diabetes services, like Joslin Diabetes Center or one our regional affiliates, you can still assemble the team you need from resources in your community.

Your primary-care physician can help you, but having a team of diabetes specialists in your corner will ensure that you’re receiving the best possible care and doing everything possible to avoid the common complications that arise from diabetes.

Your diabetes team should consist of:

  • An endocrinologist or diabetologist (a physician who is specializes in diabetes)
  • A certified diabetes educator (CDE)
  • Ophthalmologist

If possible you should add:

  • A dietitian
  • An exercise physiologist

You should also seek the expertise of other specialists as the need arises. Nephrologists (kidney health), cardiologists (cardiovascular disease prevention), podiatrists (foot care), and mental-health practitioners are all vastly important in ensuring that you maintain control over diabetes.

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