Blood Glucose Targets for Exercise

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Jacqueline Shahar, MEd, RCEP, CDE

This past Saturday, we asked fans of Joslin’s Facebook page to tell us what kind of New Year’s resolutions they were making.

We heard from a lot of people, and one of the recurring themes was “I’m going to get more exercise.”  Sound familiar?

It seems that we’re all determined to get more physically active this year. And for those of us who have diabetes, this requires a bit of planning.  Physical activity of any sort—from jogging to housework—has the potential to lower or raise blood glucose (aka, blood sugar) levels.  What should you do to avoid trouble?

We took our questions to Jacqueline Shahar, who is the manager of the exercise services in the clinic here at Joslin Diabetes Center, and also a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Certified Diabetes Educator. She wrote an article for us on the topic of blood glucose (or blood sugar) targets during exercise, and we’ve posted that article in the Diabetes Information section of the Joslin website.

Click here to read the article.

Thanks, Jackie.

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  1. Neil McDonald says:

    45 year old male, my dr. phoned me tonight around 7pm and informed me that my blood test today showed I had a blood sugar level of 28 and I have type 2 diabetes. He said if I hit the floor tonight I should go to the hospital,and I am to be in his office tomorrow am. I am a bit concerned. Found the site and everything informative. I have had an unquenchable thirst for about three weeks. Have been drinking ridiculous amounts of fruit juices and water and chocolate milk. Not so smart apparently

  2. Neil McDonald says:


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