The Joslin Clinic Opinion on Avandia

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Not long ago, the Food and Drug Administration placed further restrictions on the use of Avandia (Rosiglitazone) or any medication that contains Avandia (Avandamet or Avandaryl). The restriction came out of concern for increased risk of heart attack from drug usage.

The new restrictions mean that Avandia cannot be prescribed to newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients, unless they are unable to control their diabetes with other medications including Actos (pioglitazone).

If you are currently using Avandia and benefiting from the drug, you can continue to use the medication should you choose to do so BUT YOU SHOULD DISCUSS THIS WITH YOUR DOCTOR. If you are currently taking Avandia or any combination of medications that include Avandia and have any concerns about continuing this medication, please contact your physician to discuss this. It’s important that you don’t suddenly discontinue using Avandia unless you’ve spoken with your physican and been advised to do so; cessation of this drug could lead to the loss of glucose control, a much more immediate and bigger risk.

As with all medications, talking with your physician is the best way to fully understand and how they affect your body.

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One Response to The Joslin Clinic Opinion on Avandia

  1. Doris J Dickson says:

    I believe the rule says essentially – unless nothing else works.

    Since insulin ALWAYS works, shouldn’t that be prescribed and never Avandia (if the risk are as high as they say)?

    Avandia is likely to cause beta cell burnout anyway. Why not skip burn out and save the beta cells (and phase 2 insulin) they have left?

    Why continue to pussy foot about using insulin? Why don’t we teach, stop instilling fear about insulin and use what we know works and works fast?

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