Managing Your Diet during the Holidays

Are you feeling the holiday spirit yet? ‘Tis the season of many extras: extra smiles, extra kindness, extra trips to the mall, and often  extra helpings of food.

This is a great time of year for all of those reasons, but it can be extra challenging if you are struggling to manage your blood sugar.  Keep these helpful tips in mind to keep your blood sugar and your stomach happy.

  • Limit intake of carbohydrates and keep your carb intake consistent. Don’t go overboard just because it’s a holiday.
  • Don’t take home leftovers.
  • Maintain portion control—keep track of how much you’re eating and measure your servings.  If you’re not doing this as consistently as you’d like, make an effort to start now. It’ll be easier to carry your pattern over to the holidays
  • Bring food alternatives. For instance, make your own pie with a suitable sugar substitute and low-fat whip cream.

Don’t let diabetes stress out your holiday! Smart pre-meal planning and conscious food decisions can make your holiday meals memorable and fun.


  1. Realising that I could end up looking a lot like that penguin (minus the “cute factor”), is a great incentive to be more careful!

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