Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

People with type 2 diabetes frequently experience certain symptoms. These include:

  • being very thirsty
  • frequent urination
  • blurry vision
  • irritability
  • tingling or numbness in the hands or feet
  • frequent skin, bladder or gum infections
  • wounds that don’t heal
  • extreme unexplained fatigue

In some cases of type 2 diabetes, there are no symptoms. In this case, people can live for months, even years, without knowing they have the disease. This form of diabetes comes on so gradually that symptoms may not even be recognized.

If you believe you are experiencing the symptoms of type 2 diabetes, contact your primary care physician and see if there is Joslin affiliate near you.

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    • I was feeling tired having hangovers every morning I don’t even drink wine or rum headaches,numness,tingling,blurrs and poor vision.

      So I went to my doctor and did some tests my result came positive for Type 2 (Diabetes).
      I was not put on medication straight then my feet started getting swollen my angles hurt the sole of feet hurt so bad I can’t even walk and toes nails are getting discoloured.
      These are the signs of diabetes it seems like I have my diabetes for long time without knowing it.
      Please if you have this symptoms go and see you GP and get help diabetes is a slow killer.
      I have just started my medication it hasn’t help yet but I am hoping it will help me.
      Eating healthy is good in my case eating healthy was a daily routine for me but still I got diabetes.

      • What about me. What can I do. I have frequently problem urine incontinence and infection as well. I was to my GP and the first blood test show that I had 11.1 diabetic and the doctor says to me that you are diabetic, but to be sure we will make another blood test to see. You are not going to believe this, but the second test show that my sugar was normal. Actually I think I am diabetic, because I have all the symptoms of diabetic. For e.g. after eating I have very bad blurry vision and too much noisy in my head. I have some things on my skin and my urine is really bothering me too much. I have pain in my bladder many times. Also my body many times is shaking and I do not know what to do. My mouth is very dry especially during the night and I want to eat all the time. Now anybody to help me please what to do, because my GP when the test show that I had sugar they made another test, but when the test show normal result they said you are not diabetic. Now how can I know the truth if I am diabetic or not. Maybe the second test was mistaken and did not show the truth? Why the GP did not sent me for another examination to find the truth? What can I do now?

        • Dear Nadire Asllani:
          Please return to your physician and have your questions answered. Even if you don’t have diabetes, you need to find out what is causing your symptoms.

        • i whent for diabetic test also and it came back normal…..38 days later I whent back to the doctor becouse my vision suddenly got very blurry…..he tested my blood and the reading came back and it read 42……i was definately a diabetic…..get re-tested.

      • Have you tried no Medication and just a strict no sugar diet. A low sugar diet and medication is not always the answer. Nature is there for reasons we need to use them medical is not always right, we need to learn and research ourselves not just rely on the doctor.

  1. correct signs and symp. but should have mentioned medical terms on some signs for example Polyurea,polydipsea,polyphagea. thankz

  2. Ive just confirmed that i have type two diabetes thanks to this site , and hopefully i can manage it

  3. Yes, i agree with this article.
    Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by abnormal glucose metabolism. Type 2 diabetes is by far the most common form (90% of diabetics actually suffer from this form of the disease).

      • please walk ever day 5 km dont take sugar with any food try to eat neem smal leaves every day wekly two time fenu green morning 1 tea spone and bettere guard wekly towice continue one month and check u r blood test u can see the defrent be a healthy life

      • listen to docters advice , my mum hase diabetas, she didnt take doctes advice , and now is on insolin, if only she had done what was docters said

        • i have type 2 diabetes and i went into a coma – you also have to watch for Ketones in your blood. There is a test you can do – you can get urine sticks on prescription from your doctor, or you can go to Lloyds chemists and they will check for you. Don’t think just because you are a type 2 diabetic that you are safer than a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic. I am now on insulin – i inject 4 times a day

  4. I think i have diabetes but my mum wont go get me checked. I have had vaginal thrush ever since i was a little girl but i only realized it was thrush until lately. So i looked up thrush on the computer and then realized it was a symptom of diabetes

    • Girl, stop all suger intake, rather use canderal you’ll get use to it trust me. not only will the infection go away after a while but you will start feeling better. Excercise every day even if it is in your room for at least 30min a day, cardio excercises is all you need to burn that extra suger/protein in your body if you like dancing then there you go, do it non stop for 30 min a day, get yourself tested at a clinic nearby, its free. watch what you eat and stay away from starch its a silent killer ie. potatos, white rise and pasta, eat smaller amounts of foods at least 6 times a day and you’ll be okay. i have been living with type 2 diabetes all my live 48 yrs and i am still here to testify. know this info will help. i am not a doctor but advise is free. hope you get better soon

      • hi,

        doctor told me i have Diabetic 2 when she check my records she said i have been a diabetic for the past 1 year which i did not know, i just took my first tablet today, is this medicine for a life time or will i be able to stop if i follow a strict diet, not that i am good in following anything where i am concern, please help

        • Dear Hilda,
          Depending on your individual situation, it may be possible to control your diabetes without medication for some amount of time. Most people with diabetes will need medication at some point in their lives. It is best to talk with your heath care provider about this.

      • greetings, i m suffering type 2 dia for the last 6 years.taking metformin 1000gm daily.feeling adverse side effects and don’t know how to maintain my daily routine.i m 46 years old.my sugar level is controlled .i m intrested how u managed ur dia for so long time.what medicine u hav been taking n what diet plan u followed.regards raza,karachi pakistan

  5. hi i suggest you talk with a close friend or your teacher ..and explain your mother is not taking any notice shes sounds like ine silly salfish ladie not reconizing her daughters problem..this is very important for you ..I hope this will help in some way ..take care

  6. i still find it hard being a type 2 diabetic, i have no idea how to control my sugar and water and my doctor wont help me, so its me and my mom guessing on what to do

  7. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes two years ago my doctor tells me I am managing it well. I think it is getting worse but I do not really know what the more seriouse symptoms are. I am constantly sweating and always have a lot of stomach acid and constantly tired. I am wake up every morning with a hangover and I don’t drink. Sometimes I feel really ill. my doctor says it’s my hormones as I am 60, I do not think so but no one can tell me.

  8. frequent urinitaion is the only symptoms i have,
    I have no thirst,
    no blurry vision,etc.
    sir,i want to know that am i sffuring from diabeties

    • I don’t think just having to pee more means you have Type 2 Diabetes…you need to see your doctor to know for sure. There is no way of knowing otherwise.

  9. ■ Not being very thirsty
    ■Only frequent urination
    ■Not blurry vision
    ■Not irritability
    ■Not tingling or numbness in the hands or feet
    ■Not any frequent skin, bladder or gum infections
    ■Not any wounds that don’t heal
    ■Not any extreme unexplained fatigue,
    Only friquent urination i have,I am i suffring from diabetes?

    • Sir,
      I am 65 years old, I have been suffering by the frequent urination for the last six months. Especially at night I feel discomfort in the abdomen while urinating. I have also skin disorder in my leg and in the back. But I do not have any injury that does not heal easily.
      Please advise me what should I do for the remedy.
      Thanks with regards.

  10. Sir,
    I want to know about the artificial pancreas.And all the information about it like cost,etc.Please reply it as soon as possible.

    • It can be a number of things. Diabetes is hereditary but that does not mean you will get it. Bad diet, age & race are the common factors. Eat healthy and get plenty of exercise and this will decrease everyone’s risk of getting it.

  11. I am having trouble with the meds for type2 diabetes-nausea, pounding head etc so can anyone tell me about the ENDOBARRIER operation as i asked my doc am i a good candidate and she put me on a diet. I am 56 and have had diabetes over 5yrs?

    • Hi Jackie, I find that Type 2 meds give me Nausea and the runs. Don’t know to much about ENDOBARRIER but am on new herbal medication called ProBetix. It has stopped side Affects, I have renewed energy and the tingling in my feet is gone.

      Maybe research it a bit.


      • Hi Mike, Just been reading up on Type 2 Diabetes and saw your message about using ProBetix. Do you take this instead of other meds or as well as?
        How long have you had Type 2?
        How long have you been taking ProBetix?

  12. I have been a know diabetic type 2 for about 14 years, this is not a death sentence but it can be if you do not take control through proper help and backup.

    If you suspect that you maybe diabetic see your doctor a.s.a.p. It is very important to take control as soon as possible it is in your own best interest

  13. I also suffering diabetic on my age 30, very thirsty, lose concentration, memory lose, I consult my doctor and he prescribed one medicine named “Diabend ” any side effect?

  14. hi my daughter is thirsty all the time she goes to the toilet frequently and she has blured vision and she has fatigue should i be worried

    • Only one way to find out…take her to the doctors. There is never any reason to worry as diabetes can be treated. You need to take her incase it’s not…if that’s the case, what could it be. She is young and strong so she will be able to handle any illness…as long as you highlight it early.

  15. I’ve always been paranoid about getting diabetes as someone very close to me died from untreated diabetes. lately I’ve been tired all the time, I basically sleep all night then come home from school and sleep until dinner then just sleep again. I always need to pee (as in four times within two hours) but I don’t have any other signs. I don’t know if I’m just being paranoid or if this could actually be something to be wary of…

    • Instead of sleeping all the time, force yourself to stay awake. Young people get in to the habbit of sleeping too much (I was guilty of this). The more you sleep, the more you want to. Stay awake and get used to getting 8-9 hrs per day ONLY! Get up early and go to be around 10pm. If you persist with this, your sleep pattern will return to normal and you will feel less tired during the day. Staying active will help you a lot.

  16. I have a type 2 diabetes and lately I had gone a general check-up and my doctor advise me that I have a hearth ischemia decease, fatty lever and kidney problem (they found some crystal). Please explain me if these all is because I’m a diabetic 2?

  17. Here is layman’s knowledge of this condition (I have it)
    Type 2 Diabetes is cause by the inability of the pancreas to inject enzymes into the stomach to breakdown the fats and sugars being ingested.

    The Pancreas gets overwhelmed by the high sugar and fat content of modern diets and just runs out of enzymes. Fat and sugar then enter the bloodstream instead of the disposal route. Kidneys try to cope but fail. The system tells us to flush the sugars and fats so peeing and getting thirsty follow on. The damage to the Pancreas is irreparable.

    What causes this – well in my case Chocolate/Ice Cream/Fizzy drinks/Rich Deserts/Fast Foods, etc. etc. All these coupled with a sedentary lifestyle (in front of a computer) gave me this condition. Excercise must be used to burn off the rubbish in order for the Pancreas to cope. If you are addicted to Soft fizzy drinks and Fast Foods you have a very high probability of getting Type 2 Diabetes (or having it already).
    It was my own fault and I had it for 8-10 years BEFORE I went to get some help.
    There is a wonderful new treatment out there called Liraglutide (Victosa) which has a great side effect in limiting food demand which helps with weight control.

  18. have had blured ision lately , fisty and very irratabble , tired and put on 25 kilos and fatigue mum had diebetics wondering if its the start of type 2

  19. i would like to know the diet to follow for type 2 diabetics and is malbutin a good natural tablet to take to control sugsr levels

  20. I never knew that I had symptoms in diabetes for many years and that resulted in my having heart bypass surgery about 5 years ago.

    I now manage my Type 2 Diabetes through diet, exercise and daily medication and am able to lead an active and productive lifestyle.

    If you are in any doubt then you MUST pay a visit to your doctor. You cannot play games with diabetes – it is not called the “silent killer” for nothing!

  21. I suffer from the following :
    1. I had suffered from blurred vission about 4 years ago.
    2. I have numbness and tingling of my hands and RHS foot
    3. I urinate frequently
    4. I get tired very quickly
    5. I have a balance problem
    6. I have constipation problems ( Hardness]
    7. I have difficulty in getting an erection
    8. I have feeling of numbness in my stomach

    What am I suffering with. I haven’t as yet tested for Type 2 diabeties.

  22. I have done some research on diabetes, you can cut down a lot with Garlic, Grapefruit and lemon juice morning and night. try it, it works but dont stop your medication.

  23. JM,

    You have type 2 diabetis, plz go see a doctor for medication. you may follow what Maureen says. I have diabetic type 2 but I reduce it with garlic in addition to medication.

  24. i don’t think i have it, but now i’m beginning to wonder. For the past week I’ve been sleepy after lunch and i’ve been eating a lot of food with high fat and carb. I still urinate around 2 to 3 am. Been doing that for years but no problem. But i do drink a lot of water before sleeping – 2 mugs within 1 hour. So i believe thats why i go to the bathroom each morning around 2AM. Then when i wake up, I do light exercises for around 20 mins..

    Iive been eating 5 small meals a day for over a month now. But when i eat more i don’t feel as sleepy. don’t look for sweets, heal fast when i have a wound.
    Occasionally, I drink cocktails, stop within a period of 2 hours, drink water then dinner.

    My mom was a diabetic, my father wasn’t. Guess i’m getting old and have to eat less carb.

    what do you think ?

  25. I resently found that i ma victim of diabetes. after that i am strictly follow the rules given by doctor and also trying ayurvedic medicines and m sure I will come out from it one day. If you have more suggestion for me pls forward it. thanks and I also thankfull for this site by which i can know more about diabetes.

  26. How lucky for those who can afford healthcare in our economy. Many of us do without and do the best we can without medical check ups. Too bad US congress and Senate personnel get all these important check up for FREE Forever.

  27. hi all ,
    the most trusted , safe and powerful natural medicine for diabetic is =Fenugreek or in India it is called “Methi”- go for it – any form — soak in water for 24 hours drink it , mix with any food while cooking — nothing better then this – Believe me ..visit


  28. I am diabites and i feel dizzy all the time even when i ate six time a day, please help and i am talking my medication regulary

  29. Sir My wife and I both 90 yrs of age having type 2 diabetes for approx 10 yrs
    We are both regulary checked by our Doctor and at present she is satisefied
    with our progress.BUT we are both experiencing, tightness of the skin and tingling
    to both feet. I also find difficulty in walking bare footed, We both have tinitus and
    recently have both developed an additional noise, similar to that of a muffled
    sound. Could this be a sympton of melitis 2 ??? Please reply,Thank you.

  30. in this time my grandfather is suffered from diabetes . he does vomiting very much , and sometime they feel headache, now i am very nervous , what i do ? give me some advise .

    • u better consult a doc. or else it may be more painfull…
      may god give ur GRANDFATHER better health for future…

  31. I was diagnosed with T2 in 1993, read an article in 1998 in The Glade an Archery magazine, and changed my diet to low carb high fat. My BG and A1c have been in the normal range ever since. And no pills!!

    I have just found a new site at http://www.curediabeteswithdiet.org, which I think is by the man who cured my T2 fifteen years ago. I can recommend it.

    I asked my doctor, if my BG and A1C are always normal, am I still diabetic? All he said was Thats an interesting question!!!

    I don’t think I can be now. My latest A1c was 5.4 for example.

  32. Hi dear,

    don’t worry about the diabetes , you can eat everything no problem. just follow this instruction. don’t use white sugar, maidha powder or related product, white sugar based sweets or bread Items. just follow it when you going to eat food 1. chew completely because which food mixed with saliva you will never get diabetes problem in your life time. don’t wait for timing food. when you feel hungry eat food immediately. if you want sugar use palm jaggery or sugar cane jaggery. use stone salt. drink normal water with sand pot.

    these all called ANATOMIC THERAPY.

  33. I have frequent urination at night, extreme fatigue & itchy skin, with an unexplained pain in my ankle every now & again. I had a test done for my sugar levels & was told it was within range. Could i have Type 2 diabetes & is there a specific test for it?

  34. Thanks for all this. My sugar levels have been 9.1 mm/l of recent but i now eat more of vegetables than real food and exercise 3 times a week aerobics. To my suprise after food 3 hrs yesterday i measured 123 mg/d, then this morning fasting of 135 mg/d. I hope i am doing well. Advise more

  35. i loose balance frequently, iv got constant thiest, and an eyeside and gums problem. my sugar level was 6.9 last month.

  36. SIR /MADAM

    hi i ravi , i m married and i have 2 kids , i m a diabetes last 9 years i have problem in my sexual please u tell how can be care my this problem ?



  37. I don’t what’s happening to me. I wake up each morning at 3am feeling fresh as a lark. I scrub my teeth, take a shower, and have a cup of tea (no sugar no milk). After 30 minutes or so, I begin to feel sleepy once again. I go back to sleep and then wake up at 7am with a heavy head (as like hangover), and tired as well (as though I had been toiling all night). Vision is blurred, and my urge to go to work diminishes. I get irritated when my wife calls me for breakfast, or my daughter reminds me to drop her at school. These symptoms started about 8 months back. Can you please tell me what’s wrong with me?

  38. I’m learning about unbalanced diets at the moment in Health and Social Care and it seems that Type 2 diabetes is mostly caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and becoming overweight. This could be due to many different factors such as financial and psychological problems. On the whole, Type 2 diabetes can be prevented if someone maintains a healthy diet and exercises regulary, even if it is just a walk.

    • dear kirsty i dont know how to thank u in which words ur answer is this best one this what diabettesse is just fight it with diet i dont know why r people so depress its not cancer the cure is in ur own hands lose weight exercise thats it which i think every normal human being is doing its just like u wash ur car and gets dirty again so if u dont wash it it will remain dirty but if u wash it and try to maintain it so car will always look new .same is r body fats r dirt wash them with good diet and exercise and u will again be new .come on people get educated its a scientific world we eat to live we dont live to eat .bye

  39. We Indians have been using “Indian Kino” herb for controlling blood glucose since ancient times. Holy Text of Ayurveda has abundantly appreciated anti-diabetic properties of “Indian Kino” Herb. Modern science has also endorsed the anti-diabetic properties of “Indian Kino”. “Indian Kino” Herb is therefore viewed as Herb of Hope for diabetics across the world. Search “Indian Kino” on google for more information.

  40. For the past 1 week, I have been having sever thirst for water every now and then and I also urinate frequently(every one hour) could this be a sign of diabetes. I am a 30 yrs old guy.

  41. dear readers i want to say some thing dont call ur self diabetics dont get depressed bec its not some thing u die from only thing is lose weight thats what models do to live their life and earn fame so for r lives why cant we start thinking like that .each one of u including me r models and we have to lose weight to look smart.and after losing weight start mainting it and ur free from diabettsse .life and death is in Gods hands.dont worry be relax concenterate on losing weight dont waste time bye.

  42. I realised that am suffering form diabetes at the age of 49 ,took lot of Metformin and other mediciens prescribed by physicians. I ma pharmacist by profession. My diabetes wih fasting and medicines was always above 129 , now for the last 20 days I have stopped taking Metformin and started 2 tabs. of Divya pharamcy’s madhunashini tabs. before lunch and before dinner plus one capsule of Himalaya drugs Karela with breakfast , The result is excellent ,now fasting blood sugar is 82 ,however am going to continue with the above for another 15 days, get my blood checked and then decide future course of action .With my regular diet ,am also taking 3 cups of tea with sugar during the office hrs. and milk with one heaped spoonful of bournvita, I take rice with one roti during lunch and dinner .

  43. This was really helpful as i have been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and yes , i had no major symptoms except some degree of fatigue, was in a shock to know this, as i work in nights and had irregular food habits, i got this so maintain a healthy life style and stay fit.
    People who work in nights keep a watch on what you eat, food with high calorie index creats a problem.

  44. i am really confused with my doctor. i developed diabetes type2 three years ago. recently, my medicine, called Gunemt, does not work properly. l felt thirsty all the time. the insulin level was 4.2 and the doctor prescribed me insulin shots instead. i am not sure this is the right choice cuz i shiver and my heart beats go fast. please what can i do.by the way, i am just 29 years old.

    • The first really important thing for you to do is have an in-depth conversation about your concerns with your doctor. The symptoms you are experiencing (shivering and rapid heart beat) may be hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, which can occur if you are taking too much insulin. It is important to check your blood sugar if/when you feel these symptoms. Anything under 70mg/dl is consistent with hypoglycemia. Acute treatment for hypoglycemia is to have 15 grams of carbohydrate such as 4 oz of juice or 8 jelly beans. Please make another appointment with your health care provider and describe the symptoms you are having so that he or she can evaluate your medications.

    • Hi, dont be depressed about getting diabetis at 29 . I got it at 22 was put on insulin and with good monitoring gave birth to two healthy babies at 27 and 32. My kids are smart and healthy. So be cheerful.

    • Dear Shirley Bear:
      Diabetes is a scary disease and it is very common to be overwhelmed when you are first diagnosed. The key is to realize that you aren’t going to learn or do everything all at once. Talking with either a heath professional such as a psychologist trained to deal with the type of issues chronic diseases raise and/or joining a support group for people with diabetes can help you put things in perspective and develop coping strategies. Ask you doctor to give you a recommendation.

  45. I have diabetes type 2 l have balances problems with walking ear problems l have taken metformin not on meds any more sill got problems with balance can not eat with out problem going on other symptoms with joints. Stomach

  46. I have diabetes type 2 NO MEDICATION
    Colitis under control
    2 pins in my knee
    2 mi
    3 heart by pass
    4operation to exclude infection in my sternum
    chronic flat feet
    walking 6km a day
    44yrs married
    just found out the monitor supplied by Abbott can be 20%difference on average with other monitors
    Abbott say OK and approved has anyone checked with abbott

  47. Hi,
    My husband has recent diagonsed with Blood Sugar 371(fasting) on 28th May.
    We have started the treatment with medicine recommended by doctor Glimisave M1 and Janumet 50/500mg 1+1 and count was 336 on 2nd June and on 9th June it has come to 305.
    I just wanted to know if the medicines are correct and is it OK the way sugar level is coming down or it needs improvement?
    He is also suffering from epilepsy and on medicine name Encorate Chrono 500 ( 4 tablets 2+2) in a day since last 2 years.

  48. I am 45 years old. For last 2 months, frequent urination, irritation while urination and feeling of longer but slow uriniation is common now. Glucose test shows 102 fasting & 86 PP. Generally, sugar level in PP should be higher. Repeat test is also same. I hv started consuming more water.
    Pls advise if this is symptom of early diabetes. What should be precaution.

  49. It is came to know that only one injection is enough to cure Diabetics Which is really a boon to all diabetics let anybody know the availability

  50. Let anybody Know me about SUPRAMOLECULAR Insulin which is maintain insulin level for about 4to6 months why these medicines not yet came to the market

  51. I am 17 yrs old and i think i have a diabetes ! my symptoms are wounds that wont heal ,. always tired And Vaginal infection ! how to prevent ? Please help me im too young ! :((

    • Dear mhina caballero,
      It is important you go to see your doctor right away. Diabetes should be diagnosed by a heath professional. Whether you have diabetes or not you need to have your condition diagnosed before you can get proper treatment.

  52. As a diabetic,I find blood sugar readings are fluctuating: Fasting ranges from 92,94,96 to 114 and PP sugar from 114,145,150. Why it is so?
    I am on Januvia 100mg One tablet at night after dinner + a multivitamine cum mineral capsule; I take Amarly M 1 mg(metformin500mg+Glimipiride 1 mg) before lunch.
    These was effective before why suddenly higher Blood sugar reading? Need any change in the timing of the medication? Or any suggestion?

    • Dear Pradip Kumar Chakrabarty:
      Your blood glucose numbers actually appear very stable. There is always day to day variability in glucose levels. There are a number of factors that affect your numbers: your food, your exercise levels, stress, even the medication you take doesn’t provide perfect reproducability. However, if you see a consistent trend in your numbers going one way or another, bring it up with your heath care provider.

  53. Hello and sorry for my english may not be so good.
    The last year i had a large food disorder meaning i wasnt able to satisfy my hunger after eating so much food.I already was overweight but after the last 6-7 months i gainned about 8 kilos.The last 2 months i started to have Blurry vision,feeling excausted,and i am drinking about 7-8 liters of water dailly which maybe explain why i urine so much.
    what made me worry more is that the last 2 weeks i started to feel my feet extra warm,like something was heating them.i also have some numb feeling around my big toes and my ancles. i havent noticed any colour change so far.I forgot to mention that i am an asthmatic and about same time i started to have my food disorders i started a new asthma treatment with a medicine called xolair.dont know if it is relevant.but my pneumonologist say that we must continue treatment because of the good results i have on asthma so far.
    please i need some tips when possible,i have aranged a visit to doctor for some tests in 4 days.i hope its not Diabetes because i will not be able to get the burden of this thing also.many bad things happend recently.
    I AM DESperate for some tips please to not ignore

    • Dear Mike,
      I am very glad you have made an appointment with your physician. The symptoms you describe can be associated with uncontrolled diabetes so it is very important to have yourself tested. If you do test positive for diabetes, the good news is that it can be well controlled with diet, exercise and if necessary medication. Getting educated is most important. If you find out you do have diabetes, ask your doctor for a referral to a certified diabetes educator. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

  54. I am suffering from type 2 diabetes from last 7 years and right now I am getting frequent chest pain and my left hand also started to pain. I want to know whether I should have to consult a doctor soon or whether it is a severe case???

    • Hi!
      To those who are suffering from any type of Diabetes must try our products named RestorLyf and C24/7 Natura-centials of AIM GLOBAL PHILIPPINES. It is very effective for such disease and any kinds of diseases you know.

  55. Mike above recommended ProBetix. I am wondering where you can buy this (Holland & Barratt don’t sell it) and whether you take this instead of other meds or as well as?

  56. i have hypothyroid from last 4 years..i would feel very strained but not much as compared to now..my doctor advised me to take eltroxin in d morning 30 mins before food ..i couldnt take medicine befor food..coz it created lots of gastric..but i took for 6 months Now..i urinate every 30 mins.. feel hungry every 2 hrs.. if i don eat..i get weakness and gidiness… are these the symtoms of blood sugar?
    plz help ! 🙁

  57. All youngsters diagnozed with diabetis, don’t worry yourself and lose sleep over this. Be cheerful. Diabetis is manageable. I got it at 22 and was put on insulin. I have two healthy beautiful kids. First one when i was 26 and the second when i was 32. I have an active professional life and manage my family and kids too. Just follow your doctor’s advice. You dont have to deprive yourself of sweets and sugar’s altogather. You may have a fruit or a sweet occassionally. I do. Be positive. That’s important.

  58. hello
    experiencing general fatigue, frequent urination and wounds heal response, constrained me have HBAIC measure, and it touched 6.5% per clinical findings. the pathologist suggests it suspected diabetese, rest would be decided by the physician…………….

    kindly suggest me as if the greater value in HBAIC is definitive to conclude diabetese

  59. Today 05-Feb-14 went for first ever strip test in my life (shows 360 in the gadget).
    It is there in my family tree. I was so strict with sweet since the age 20. I have the following.
    Skin irritation on left leg frequently for the last 4-5 months and also under the foreskin of my penis. Ofcourse no urination, no irritation. no other symptoms mentioned on this site.

    Now please advise me if this one time strip test which shows 360 count is a death sentence for me???
    Now I have to be under medication for whole of my life ?? worried. Please help and advise.


    • Dear Rajesh,
      One causal (random) blood glucose above 200mg/dl without coroborration does not prove you have diabetes. The best thing to do is to visit your health care provider. He/she can have you tested while you are fasting or take a A1C which will provide you with a definitive answer. . If you do have diabetes, it isn’t a death sentence if you take care of yourself.. It can be controlled with lifestyle measures and medication ,if necessary. Your heathcare provider can refer you for education if it turns out you have diabetes.

  60. Hello, I have read lots of these comments, I am trying to control my diabetes which was diagnosed in 1998, at present I am around 8/9 taking metformin and around 2x 20 units of linctus prefilled pen and the nova rapid at around 10 per meal that’s needed, I was taking a lot more until I started my diet 6 weeks ago and swimming quite a bit. What is worrying me is the last two nights I have laid down in bed, I have woken up in a panic with the room spinning and dizzy and feeling a bit nausea, last night I was too frightened too lay back down and slept in a chair. Is this something to do with diabetes, on both of these nights I had quite a bit of chocolate on the evening so wondered if my blood sugar had gone up. I tested when I got up last night and was 11.2 so took a little insulin. the main question is dizziness a symptom of my diabetes, I don’t normally get this and is frightening me? thank you Sue

  61. i was taking moduletic for about 6 months when i started feeling terribly thirst.. my sugar was checked and it came out at 31. i was put on insulin and after 7 days was discharged because my sugar was about 5. i have a glucometer and i check my sugar everyday. my fasting sugar avarages 5.5. my random sugar is about 6.5.
    i dont know whether i am dibeteic or this was induced by moduretic as people tell me.. please advise because my doctor still insist that i shall be on insulin for life?? i follow a a good diet of less carbs and plenty proteins. i exercise every 2-3days since my weight is about 125kg. i need to reduce my obesity. please advice…

    • Dear Mr. Chasauka:
      Your blood glucose was very high when you were placed on insulin, although it appears to be in excellent control on your current dose of insulin. The medication for hypertension likely didn’t cause your diabetes but may have uncovered it. Given that you say you are obese, it is likely that you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Since your blood glucose levels are normalizing you may want to discuss with your physician the possibility of alternative medications now that the glucose toxicity has resolved.

  62. am not taking synthetic drugs for diabetes because they cause harmful side effects. instead i drink banaba tea everyday which eventually lower my blood glucose levels within normal range. Try browsing about banaba tea in the internet for more info. Thanks and God bless.

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  66. i have a huge prob with my lips do to diabeties, they are so dry they crack and peel,and burn,i bought the Made from Earth Beeswax Balm hoping it would help, omg its amazing, i fully would advice anyone to try.

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