What You Should Know About Diabetes and Kidney Disease

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The link between diabetes and kidney disease is very real. Between 30-40% of people with type 1 diabetes and 20-30% of people with type 2 diabetes develop kidney disease.

Frequent changes in blood vessels can affect the function of the kidneys, impairing its ability to properly filter waste and putting you on the fast track for dialysis or organ transplant.

The good news is, kidney disease can be prevented or halted.  You can take preventative measures against diabetic kidney disease. Proper monitoring and early detection can save you from serious kidney worries.

Careful observation and control of blood glucose and blood pressure is an important step you can take in your preventative care.  Another is having your healthcare provider measure your GFR .


Joslin has specialists on staff to help with kidney health and to treat problems. We can help you prevent kidney disease—or if you have already developed kidney disease, we can slow or prevent its progression.

5 Responses to What You Should Know About Diabetes and Kidney Disease

  1. Doris J Dickson says:

    On a bright note … according to my endo at Brigham & Womens (who did her fellowship at the Joslin), juvenile-onset/type 1s who surpass thirty years without kidney disease, are not likely to get it.

    I am one of those at 34 years and have several other juvenile-onset buddies who have surpassed me.

    And since my A1Cs are now consistently in the 4.7-5.1 range, I don’t anticipate I am any further risk than any non-diabetic.

  2. misty says:

    i am a type 2 diabetic that is haveing early signs of kidney disease my doctor put me on medication 2 slow the process and i am very attentive as 2 how i manage my diabeties….

  3. joanne finnegan says:

    what is a GFR can you tell me more

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